Yellow Jackets

Quick facts about Wasps

    • These wasps are yellow and black in colour and narrow in length
    • Active in late spring to early summer
    • Start to go in hibernation mode in early fall
    • Strongest queens and workers will go in hibernation mode while weaker ones will die off
    • Social in nature in which the queen dictates orders


Here are some of the areas where you will find a wasp nest built around your home:

    • Under Eaves
    • Hanging off tree branches
    • Top of roof lines
    • Corner of windows
    • Inside weep holes or bricks
    • In soil and inside the planters of outdoor plants


Threat to You 

Care must be taken when an active nest is found as they will sting you if they feel the need to protect the nest. The painful sting from a wasp can bring on a serious allergic reaction that can cause death in some people.

The nest looks so simple why shouldn’t I do it myself?

There many over the counter products that one can buy from any big box retailer; however, if not applied correctly and if your not wearing some form of protective gear you can be seriously hurt from swarming wasps. It is highly recommended that the pest professionals from Power Pest Control eliminate your wasp nest safely so that you or your family does not get hurt!


Bald Face Hornets

bald face hornet

Quick facts about Bald Face Hornets

    • Bald face hornets are black and white in colour
    • Bald face hornets  are social in nature in which they build nest and support the structure of the nest as a group with the queen dictating orders
    • They build their nests off tree branches, soffit ,fascia and corners of windows
    • EXTREME care must be taken when dealing with hornets in which they will sting you multiple times if aggravated


Carpenter Bees

carpenter bee


Quick facts about Carpenter Bees


    • Carpenter bees are not social in nature when compared to hornets or yellow jackets
    • Carpenter bees build nests in wooden structures such as fence posts and undersides of wooden decks
    • Will leave trademark sawdust at point of entry to indicate that a nest has been burrowed
    • Male carpenter bees do not sting ; however the females may if provoked



Treatment and Elimination

The best way to eliminate the nest is by dusting the points of entry with a thin layer of dust as such when they come in contact with the insecticide it will eliminate them immediately

It is also recommended that once holes have been treated that they are sealed by the client to prevent other insects from harbouring the excavated galleries that were created by the bees.



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