Just like people, Ontario’s rodents seek refuge indoors when the weather turns frosty. The recent cold weather and flooding in Toronto has sent much of the city’s rat population scurrying indoors. As rats and other rodents move indoors into sheds, garages, and basements there has been a dramatic rise in the number of reported pest problems. This is why our experts at Toronto Pest Exterminators are here to help you better understand and control rodent behavior.

Ontario’s weather patterns in recent years have caused a change in rodent behavior. Their numbers have multiplied massively due to several years of mild winters, and the resultant heavy flooding has driven the rats from the sewers aboveground — seeking refuge in your home. John Davison, secretary of the National Pest Technicians Association, tells us that ‘Rats like to have somewhere that’s dry and sheltered to nest. They’re not bothered by water but they don’t want to live in it 24 hours a day.”

He said that last year calls to pest controllers rose by 18% and claimed this figure will increase by a further 20% this year. ‘In the last few weeks, especially two or three days after a flood (or heavy downpour), we’ve noticed the number of complaints go up. These days when we’re called, instead of just a single rat there are usually three or four. We don’t just see one anymore. When we see an infestation it’s usually quite an impressive one.’

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Rats, mice and other rodents do not typically hibernate during the winter months, which means that during colder months, or during months with heavy rainfall, rats will seek out different shelter depending on the conditions. Idle vehicles will sometimes be used by pack rats and other rodents. Engine compartments and ventilation systems are concealed and provide natural defense against cold weather, and the rats build nests from a combination of natural and synthetic materials. They will shred debris, seat cushions and fabric to build themselves a cozy nesting area. They will often use the ventilation system to travel through the vehicle and make their eventual way to the cab.

Of course, since cars are usually locked up tight, human buildings provide the most attractive and accessible shelter for rats and mice during cold periods, which is why crawl space areas beneath homes become common rat routes during winter. Rats will also seek out garages, which provide them with a natural path to your home.

The key to winter relief from rats and other rodents is to find the right pest control specialist who can help you control their numbers and also prevent future infestations. Expert technicians such as those employed by Toronto Pest Exterminators employ the key issues to controlling — and removing unwanted home invaders. As part of our overall Game Plan Strategy, we apply the three major components of pest control that include pest identification, monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage, establishing guidelines for when management action is needed, and preventing pest problems by using a plethora of pest management tools.

If you’re experiencing a pest problem this winter, contact the professionals here at Toronto Pest Exterminators and we will help you take back your home! Contact us today to book your free on-site consultation.