If you live in Toronto, you’ve likely heard the buzz about bedbugs, and been warned about the dangers of infestation. Bedbugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of people and animals while they sleep and they are fast breeders, so a few insects can quickly turn into an entire colony, which is why it pays to know how to identify these pesky insects, how to prevent their arrival, and how to contact us should problems intensify.

Bedbugs come out at night to feed, attracted by human body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale. They will feed on both people and pets, but they will often prey on larger victims as they emit more body heat. Bedbugs prefer locations where they can hide easily and feed regularly, which makes bedroom prime nesting sites. Their flattened bodies allow bedbugs to hide in extremely small locations: under wallpaper, behind picture frames, in electrical outlets, inside box springs, in mattress pads, and in night tables or other wooden furniture. Newly hatched bedbugs feed as soon as food is available and they are easily moved from room to room on infested objects.

Adult bedbugs can be as long as 10 mm. They have an oval, broad, flat body and a short, broad head. Adult bedbugs are brown, but darken to a blood red colour after feeding. A bedbug bite can take as long as 14 days to appear, depending on the person, which means that bedbugs may have multiplied in the time it takes to diagnose the problem.

Some people think that the winter months provide an automatic reprieve from bedbug problems as these awful insects do not fare well in extremely cold temperatures. While it’s true that bedbugs would freeze and die on the streets of Toronto, these bugs share the same temperature comfort zones as humans. This means that once bedbugs make it into your home or apartment, they will multiply just as quickly since most homes in Toronto are heated or cooled to the same average temperatures year round. A bed bug infestation can occur at any time of year, even in the dead of the coldest winter. Your home is heated for your comfort, which means bed bugs stay comfortable too. In winter, bed bugs survive in heated environments just fine.

Another reason bed bugs thrive in the winter is that people tend to go on vacation to warmer places during the cold season. Since hotels and resorts are a common breeding ground for bed bugs, vacationers can bring back bed bug stowaways, resulting in a problem with bed bugs in winter.

If you experience bed bugs upon returning from a vacation, be sure to unpack your whole suitcase outside your home (like in a garage or on the fire escape). Put your entire batch of holiday laundry through a hot wash or dry cycle to kill bedbugs on contact.

Finally, with so much holiday traffic, and families travelling to and fro across the province and country, oftentimes bedbugs will hitch a ride and move from one house to another, meaning that the risk of infestation increases along with the foot traffic. And bedbugs multiply at the rate in which they feed, so the more people you have gathered in one place, the more likely the chances of an infestation.

If you find yourself with a bedbug infestation this winter, contact the professionals at Toronto Pest Exterminators to help you remove these pests from your home. The Toronto Pest Exterminators Team uses a safe and reliable treatment plan including our Vacuum, Clean, Dust, and Spray treatment technique.

Vacuuming picks all live and dead bedbugs and their casings through physical removal, while steam treatment kills all life cycles for bedbugs when done properly. Our pest control experts then use a dusting technique which involves applying a layer of dust to cracks and crevices to electrical wall outlets in which the bedbugs will be drawn out eventually and come in contact with the dust once an active host is inside the affected room. The dust will act as a desiccant which will exterminate the bedbug from your property. Spraying is the last step in the elimination process in which a flushing agent is used to force the bedbugs out of their hiding places and then a residual spray application is used to provide long lasting relief against bedbugs that were not flushed out of hiding spots. Visit us at http://www.torontopestexterminators.com/bed-bugs-control/ for more information on how to prevent a bedbug problem, and how we can help you solve one should that unfortunate scenario present itself.