It’s the winter season and that means that you will be encountering some pest problems unique to the season. The pros at Toronto Pest Exterminators want to make sure that you don’t have to fight the elements and the changing pest conditions alone. Now that the temperature is dropping, there are a few basic rules to remember. If you live in Southwestern Ontario, it means that temperatures will be dropping well below zero, and well below the tolerance level of most local pests. North American cockroaches generally live in moist areas, but they can survive in dry areas as long as they have access to tolerable temperature and water. They prefer warm temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius, and do not tolerate the traditional cold temperatures of winter. In residential areas outside the tropics, cockroaches live outdoors in the warm months, preferring woodpiles and garbage heaps, but once the cold weather blows in, these critters will move indoors — just like people — and soon you’ll find your basement home to wintering roaches.


North American cockroaches are common in basements, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices of porches, foundations, and walkways adjacent to buildings all over Ontario and Canada, but cold conditions push them indoors forcing you to up your pest control game. Find all the water leaks in your house, and fix them. Once a cockroach’s water sources have been eliminated, they will be much more interested in eating gel-based baits you set out.

Remember to always clean your house thoroughly, especially in the colder months. A clean house is key to keeping cockroaches away, and the first place to start is the kitchen. Wash your dishes routinely and thoroughly and put food away promptly after meals. Clean up crumbs and spills right away, and generally keep the area clean. Pay special attention to range tops, as cockroaches absolutely love grease. Make sure to keep food containers sealed, and don’t leave food out for extended periods and don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight. Keep sugary foods like fruit and sweets wrapped up and in the fridge as cockroaches — as well as many other pests — love sweet foods.

Remember to take out the trash regularly. Have one trash can for food in your house that you routinely empty outside. Don’t let it sit for too long and don’t throw out food in bedroom trash pails. Use a trash can with a lid, rather than one that stays open. Keep it in sealed containers that aren’t sitting right next to your house.

If these preventative measures don’t do the job, it might be time to call in a pest control specialist from Toronto Pest Exterminators. Our highly-trained and certified technicians can be on site the day you call to provide you with a free assessment. Once we have determined the trouble, we can help you eradicate the cockroach population that has found its way into your home.

Our pros will use baits, which contain Fipronil .05% or Hydramethylnon 2% as the active ingredient. Roaches will eat the poison and excrete it back at the nest, where other roaches will come into contact with the substance and be exterminated. Once the first generation of cockroaches is killed, their eggs will hatch and more cockroaches will have to be poisoned before the nest is gone for good. This method can take several weeks, which means that some homeowners will want to take a more aggressive approach.

Our experts will also use an insecticide spray if standard traps and baits fail. Insecticides should contain Cyfluthrin or another insecticide as the active ingredient. Our pros will spray wherever cockroaches may be hiding or entering the house, including along walls, in cracks, and in vents. Be sure to keep pets and children out of the way when you are spraying, and follow all safety instructions our experts leave with you.

Once the site has been treated, our techs will seal the house to keep roaches from entering. They will seal cracks in exterior walls to keep roaches out of the house by blocking their entrance. This process takes time, but the payoff is worth the time and effort because you eliminate most of their favorite hiding and breeding places. If you need help preventing roaches from entering your home this holiday season, or you need help getting rid of current tenants, contact Toronto Pest Exterminators today!