Carpenter ants are very destructive in which they will enter homes through cracks along windows and doors of buildings and around foundation of homes. Carpenter ants are attracted to moist wood that is caused from water damage. These ants do not eat the wood they only burrow galleries through the wood that is already damaged. The carpenter ants make their nest within the galleries to raise their brood. A quick way to determine if carpenter ants have caused damage on your property check for signs of sawdust near wood structures.

The average size of worker carpenter range in size from 3.5 mm to 12 mm whereas the queen will be much larger from 13 mm to 17 mm. Carpenter ants are social in nature where the queen dictates the orders to the workers and workers follow a predetermined set of instructions. Carpenter ants do bite time to time if mishandled while they are being picked up.

Finding the Nest and The keys to eradicating the nest

The key to solving the ant problem is by finding the nest. This is not easy as ants do not always follow a particular trail when travelling. However, careful watch is necessary when ant trails are apparent as the ants can lead you directly to the nest. To eradicate the ants it always best to bait the area so that the ants can take it back to nest and kill the entire colony. Baiting can be difficult because ants can be picky on what bait they want to send back to the nest. The bait should be placed along the trail where they are travelling so that it is easy to see if the carpenter ants are taking the bait back to the nest. This process does take patience and results will vary depending on the bait and the number of spots that were baited.

It is also worth noting that baiting is not the only solution as a residual spray should be done on the exterior to prevent carpenter ants that are outdoors from entering the property.

Can you do this yourself with over the counter products?

It is possible, however, the products that are over the counter are not as potent  and may not provide the desired results. It is always best to hire a licensed exterminator such as Power Pest Control to management and eliminate your ant problem has they would have the  knowledge and experience to apply the bait correctly to eliminate the colony.




how do i get rid of ants in my home


What exactly are pavement ants?

Pavement ants get their name from building nests on walk and driveways that resemble pyramid structures. Pavement ants are social just like carpenter ants where the queen dictates the orders to the workers. Also, just like the carpenter ants, the queen is much larger than the other workers in the colony.

How do they get into my home?

They usually get into your home around cracks around windows and doors and along the foundation of the home. Once inside they will nest inside wall voids, insulation and slabs of concrete.

Treatment and elimination

It is best to find the nest of the pavement ants by searching for the possible ant trails. It is not always possible as the ants may not follow a specific path; however, if a path is found applying bait along that trail would be helpful in eliminating the colony. A Residual spray along the interior and exterior of your home  would be a good idea as long as the spray does not come in contact with bait to prevent bait aversion.

Pharaoh Ants

These household pests are hard to eliminate has they are picky eaters.


Pharaoh Ants are extremely difficult to eradicate within homes and businesses due to the following reasons:

    • They have multiple queens
    • Ants that are seen only represent 5% of actual population



Clients that have problems with Pharaoh ants will want to use  an aerosol spray or some other form of contact insecticide. This should NOT be done as Pharaoh ants will multiply at higher rates to replace missing workers.

Treatment Strategy

Baiting is the only way to eradicate them from your home or business. To treat these ants it will take a lot of patience and hard work because these ants are very selective on what baits they bring back to the nest. Pharaoh ants are usually found in the kitchen or bathroom area of your home or business. To move from one part of your home or business to the other they will  follow plumbing pipes inside the walls. If an ant trail is visible small amounts of bait should be placed on the trails so that the ants can take it back to the nest to successfully knock out the colony.

Trying to solve this problem on your own is not wise as most products on the market are not labelled for these ants and treatment can prematurely kill the ant before it is given a chance to feed the larvae and other younglings.



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